T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KGT. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KGT. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KGT. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Our medium-scale enterprise, domiciled in Lautert/ Taunus was founded by Thorsten Michel on January 01, 2000.

For over a decade, we have been developing and producing tools and forms for the plastic-processing industry.

Our standard from the very first day:
Always one step ahead of opportunities!

Our potential is our 40 employees. Their constant in-house and external training and advanced training lays the groundwork for the realization of our standards.

We count on our up-and-coming generation. That is why our training rate stands at over 10%. We have our own department of Research and Development and participate in domestic as well as international research projects.

We have a state of the art technology because we invest in our Machine Park and software on a constant basis.

You will find our contact officers for EPS/EPP/ PUR foam-molding tools, injection molding tools, injectors for particle foams, laser-structured surfaces and deep-drawing tools all “Under a single roof”.

Take advantage of our wide range of products and use the resultant synergy effects.


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