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August 2018

Thin wall EPP items vis-à-vis injection moulding items

During the past few months, in cooperation with raw material manufacturer, we have

developed successful in our in-house TEC-center the serial capability of thin wall EPP

items. Items with wall thickness off 2 mm about plan and vertical fins could be realize

without issues. Also manageable is a wall thickness change from thin too thick without

default and sink mark. The complete process technology of filling and foaming were

integrated in an automatically manufacturing process. Therefore the complete

controlling of the machine was incurred from MIC probe sensors. Explicitly for these

field of application new filling systems and new MIC-mini-beads-injectors would be

developed. The path to manufacture thin wall items in the EPP area is established

and new market segments in the field of EPP processing can be opened up.



February 2018

Together we start into the future....

At the end of 2017, the two companies RTI Sports GmbH, 56070 Koblenz and T. Michel

Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG decided to establish a joint venture. The company is called

Schumpeter GmbH and is jointly managed by Franc Arnold (RTI) and Thorsten Michel

(T. Michel Formenbau).

In order to considerably shorten the implementation of the development goals, the two

companies decided to merge the scientific and technical side. RTI places its main

characteristic on the scientific side, which T. Michel Formenbau complements - with its

machine equipment and the newly built technology centre - the technical side of this project.


The first joint project has started successfully... an ergonomic bicycle saddle!


January 2018

All in one beer!

Our own innovative beer table - a continuous production concept from

T. Michel Formenbau.

Following the idea and design of the EPP beer table, the mould was designed and

manufactured in-house. Afterwards, with the help of our latest laser texturing machine,

we introduced the self-developed beer glass texture. The finished beer table mould

has been sampled and is now also used as a test mould in our own pilot plant.


December 2017
November 2017

new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new

With the completion of our technology centre, we are now actively supporting you with

your samples and R&D projects.

Using digitally controlled media circuits, we can change the media connections to

different cross-sections in order to simulate all common machine types. In addition,

with the help of 60 measuring sensors an exact process data acquisition with

subsequent automated evaluation is possible. Among the various test moulds

there is a plate mould and a box mould with fully equipped measuring sensors.

This enables a large number of process evaluations to identify the optimum

product properties scientifically. The constantly growingnumber of adaption frames

for common machine sizes enables us to carry out sampling and testing of your

own moulds.

We are looking forward to your enquiries and will be happy to help you.

Tel: 06772 - 96 94 00

email: info@michel-form.de

new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new - new


October 2017

Kurtz Ersa internal exhibition

16 + 17 November 2017, Kreuzwertheim-Wiebelbach

At Kurtz GmbH we present our new mould  technology - M-Tec - a low-energy solution

for foam production.  We will also show you the production of moulded parts with laser textured surfaces as part of an original beer table. Let yourself be surprised by our new innovations !

We are looking forward to your visit at Kurtz GmbH


October 2017

Expansion of our machine park

Since the end of 2017, we have been using a new CNC machining centre for machining

large-format sheets. With a displacement length of 4050x2050mm, we can now easily

process panels in a size of 4000x2000 mm. thanks to a new plate storage system and

an automatic vacuum closing system, this machine is another technical highlight at

T. Michel Formenbau.


September 2017

We form -

your future at T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

As of August 1, 2017 3 apprentices began their apprenticeship in the machinist-cutter-

cutter and industrial mechanic trades in our company.

Our training managers train the trainees on modern apprenticeship machines in a newly

equipped training workshop. This training space is a separate professional centre in

which trainees prepare their own projects for our final production during their 3.5 year training. We want to be forward-looking and give them a good start in their careers

through training within our company.

Get to know us... and send us your application for 2018 (email: job@michel-form.de

or by post)


September 2017

International trade fair for plastics processing

17 - 21 October 2017, Friedrichshafen

Visit us at the 25th session of the Fakuma trade fair - on the stand of

Krallmann Group Hall A7 - Stand 7508 and learn more about our new process and

development of M-Tec moulds for particle foams and composite parts.


August 2017

The last step...

With the installation of the machine and its accessories, the last steps are reached.

From September, we will be able to start managing the first projects of our customers

and partners in our new technology center.

We look forward to your innovative projects and a good cooperation with you.

For planning and meeting requests please contact us at: 0049 (0) 6772-96 94 00


May 2017

The extension of the new hall including foundation work and bottom plate with an area

of 300 m² of the new technology center was built in a recordtime of 10 weeks.

The building is expected to be operational in September 1, 2017, thus enabling the

development of new plastic materials but also all the technology for the optimization of

production. To Reach this target we will have high Tech equipment like, for example,

new EPP machine with a 1700 x 1500 mm molding surface area equipped with the

latest sensors for pressure, cycle time, temperature and energy

technologies measurements to analyze them, and reach the perfects settings.

In the future, we will be able to carry out in this technical center a particle

foam injection molding as well as PUR foams in this pilot plant.

Should you now plan offers regarding development or tests/sampling, please do not

hesitate to contact us! We will keep you informed...


April 2017

Rally sport...

The   Team Y. Lüdcke und F. Wolf – sponsored  by  T. Michel Formenbau.


T. Michel Formenbau begins to build a new High tec technological laboratory
The first stone of a new technical center is laid. Beginning  September 2017, we will

offer to our customers to pilot their projects and research from a single place. An

injection molding, polyurethane, and a particle foam system, polymers can be tested.

Often the entire process is slowed by development delays for plastic applications -

we want to help you to reduce this time considerably and offers you the complete

solution in the enclosure of T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG



EPP Forum -  Future centered on the EPP world
Since 01/01/2017, we are members of the EPP forum. As part of this membership, we

want to participate in the promotion of the EPP through the targeted exchange of

knowledge and future-oriented bring our know-how - mainly in the field of surface

finishing (texture) Innovation of Hybrid construction parts.
The EPP forum companies are diverse industries (production of raw materials,

Machinesand tooling, processing, research, development and optimization)

and all have the same Target : to make the advantages and possibilities of the

EPP better known To strengthen and advance in this market.
In this dynamic of innovation, we look forward to working with the

EPP forum partners.


October 2016

A famous exhibition goes to the end….

From Oct. 19th to 26th, 2016 T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG presents itself on

the K-fair 2016. After famous eight fairdays, we want to say “THANK YOU” for all visitors

on our stand! Not only our faithful customers, but also a lot of interested persons are curiosity on our new highlights from the Michel team on the K-fair. We are looking in a successful future with a good feeling!


October 24th,


Innovation - filling technology

T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG and Kurtz GmbH are cooperate at once. The

target of both technological leader – T. Michel Formenbau as moulds- and toolmaker

for the plastic processing industry and Kurtz as plant manufacturer for machines of

particle foam manufacture – is, the filling technology substantial develop and set innovational impulse on an increasing market.

By agreement of fair working together, both companies has make a joint venture to

start a new product.

Please visit us on the K 2016

T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG - Hall: 13 / D93

Kurtz GmbH - Hall: 13 / B27


October 21th,


T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG goes for products from

M1 – Sporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, 85653 Großhelfendorf (Germany) – style and

functional through innovation.

Both technical leaders on your own areas are characterised through working

future oriented – under using of modern process engineering and materials.

T. Michel Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG

K 2016 Düsseldorf – Hall 13 / D93


October 20th,


cooling system FOG Jet

Through the use of the new developed cooling system, named FOG Jet, we will

optimize the cooling operation in your production process.


- saving water consumption up to 60 %

- reduction of the maintenance requirement approx. 90 %

   - the maintenance could be on install condition

- the modification of your mould is easily doable



Feel free to contact us – we will available for you.


October 5th,




- digital measuring with a probe-head:

- foam pressure -1 up to 9 bar

- foam temperature up to 200 °C

- cavity temperature up to 200 °C

- the analysis of the data is independent of your production machine:

- about a separate visualization/logunit or

- about the control in your production machine (4-20mA


Your advantage:

- flexible and timely optimization of the parameter preferencesaround

   the production process

- guarantee reproducible process- and quality-assurance


Our further temperature- and pressure-sensors collect data directly on the cavity,

so that these data can’t biased by long measurement distances.



Feel free to contact us – we will advised you around the MIC probe

and the other temperature- and pressure-sensors.


September 2016

news release

Learn more about the surface of the future and see our report in the

technical journal: werkzeug&formenbau


August 10th,



With the purchase of a digital macroscope for 3D-measurements we can

repeatable remeasure the texture in µ-range – so we can digitize

the individual texture desire or we can check the surface quality of the

existing textures.

The precise implementation offers you an optimal solution for a fast

realization your texture desire. In just a few steps, we create an

applicable digital image from your texture sample. Subsequently this

texture can be lasered into your mould.






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